Insurance and Responsibility


Your children are not insured by the Passeport-Vacances against accidents or damage they may cause to a third person or object.

You allow your child to participate to the Passport-Vacances, knowing that there are activities that involve some risk.

You are aware that our Association, as well as all activity organizers decline any and all claims for bodily injury caused to your child or property damage caused by him on the occasion of his participation in the activities that we set up.

For good order, I confirm that my child is insured in case of accidents and that she /he is covered by liability insurance for property damage caused by him during his participation in the activities you organise.

I note that my child can be photographed during activities and that some of these photos will be published on the website of your Association. A USB key including all pictures will be on sale at the end of the Passport-Vacances.

By buying the Passeport-Vacances, parents accept the above conditions  and the activities chosen by the child.

You confirm by clicking " je valide mes choix" that your children are covered for these situations by your own insurance.