Questions about the Activities

Is the Pass valid outside of the Passeport-Vacances ?
The Pass is valid during the two weeks of Passeport-vacances. With the Pass you can go to the activity, return home and also use it for transportation whenever you want for the specified duration and in the indicated areas of the Passeport-Vacances. 

It’s obligatory to put a photo of your face on it (not necessarily an ID photo) !

Why are some activities possible only once when I want to do it again next year ?
Because these activities are expensive or very attractive activities. By limiting it to once, more children can participate.
If I choose the same activity the same day several times, do I have more chance to get it ?
No. If you didn’t get an activity, it’s either because it’s full or you’ve already got a similar activity. Registering the same activity several times will not change anything.
If I choose the same activity on different days, do I have more chance of getting it ?
Yes, because the programme checks every day if it’s available. 

Are there special activities ?
Professional partners supervise the more challenging activities. However, within every activity accidents can occur. Fortunately, these are extremely rare and often are a result of non-respect of the safety instructions by the children.

What does the computer symbol mean next to some activities ?
It means that this activity depends on the weather. You need to check our homepage to know if the activity takes place or if it is cancelled. Warning: it’s not because the weather is nice that it actually takes place. Perhaps there’s too much or not enough wind or the ground is too soggy, for example.

Do I really have to take a booster seat ?
Yes, if you’re not yet 12 years old and are shorter than 1m50. The activities for which we travel on minibus are indicated by the word BUS next to the activity number on your confirmation sheet.

Do I have to take a snack for the activities ? 
It is always a good idea!
Why is the activity address not mentioned in the brochure ?
We benefit in having group rates by travelling together. Transportation is organized by the Passeport-Vacances.
Can I have more than one activity on the same day ?
The computer programme gives you just one activity per day. However, you can call the Hotline for a second reservation if there are spaces available. Then, you can have several activities on the same day. Be careful, though, to plan enough time between activities to be able to be at the right place at the right time!
Why propose activities that can be contentious ?
Because we propose something for everyone. If you don’t want your child doing a particular activity, simply don’t register for it.

Questions about Accompanying Adults

I’d like to accompany an activity. How can I do that ?
If you would like to accompany an activity with your child, please tick the sentence provided for that on the interactive site, after registration of the activities. If you don’t have a participating child or you don’t want to accompany the same activity as your child, please contact Brigitte Schilt, 079 450 40 84, or Judith Frischknecht, 079 606 34 88.

Are they all adults ?
Yes, all the persons who accompany the children are adults. Some older minors may join the group but they are not responsible for the care of the children.
How many accompanying adults for each activity ?
It depends on the number of children and the number of people necessary to supervise them. If mini-bus transport is provided, there are at least two adults. With train travel, we plan, on average, one adult for 5 - 6 children.
Are these adults paid ?
No, it’s an entirely volunteer activity. Their reward is enjoying the activity with the children as well as discovering new things. The Passeport-Vacances committee also invites them to our end-of-Passeport-Vacances celebration, which takes place the last Friday of the October holiday (25th october 2019)