Vouchers 13 -16 years old

What is the purpose of the vouchers ?

They offer young people activities to do with family or friends, outside of the traditional activities of the Passeport-Vacances. It's possible to do activities only with vouchers; there's no obligation to register for traditional activities. 

However, the children are NOT under the responsability of the Passeport-Vacances !

Who can get the vouchers ?

Every young person between 13 - 16 years old, having purchased the Passeport-Vacances.

How to get the vouchers ?

Every young person can choose a maximum of 6 vouchers. He must register them like traditional activities ( N° 8000  and more ) in our computer system. The voucher's date is fictitious for reasons of computer registration. Registration indicates which activities the young person has chosen so as to be able to send them the vouchers.

How to compose a team ?

Organize with friends during the summer so that you are each in possession of a Passeport-Vacances, then choose the same vouchers so you can participate together in the same activities.

How to move around ?

No need for money ! Every young person from 8 - 16 years gets a Mobilis Pass by participating in Passeport-Vacances.

The Pass also serves as a General Abonnement Mobilis travelcard during the two weeks of the Passeport -Vacances, in the indicated zones (covering the 31 municipalities of the district Passeport-Vacances de Morges and surroundings as well as the zones 11 and 12 for Lausanne ).

How to use the vouchers ?

The timetable and possible dates are indicated on each voucher.

Pass + voucher = entry to activities. 

So, go with friends, the Pass and voucher in your pocket and you'll be bowling, playing minigolf or laser games, etc..

Which vouchers exist ?

- LaseRed, Etoy 

- Cinéma Odéon, Morges 

- Minigolf Bellerive, Lausanne 

- Piscine Mon Repos, Lausanne 

- Bowling Vidy, Lausanne 

- Billiard Maboule, Crissier 

- Lasergame Evolution, Lausanne 

- Maquillage Manor Morges  

In 2019 we proposed:

normal cost     45.00 Fr.

normal cost     16.00 Fr.

normal cost      6.00 Fr.

normal cost      3.00 Fr.

normal cost      8.50 Fr.

normal cost     14.00 Fr.

normal cost     16.00 Fr.